XSplit VCam Review

Cutting-Edge Webcam Background Removal & Blurring

Does XSplit VCam Really Make Greenscreen Possible Without

Greenscreens, Fancy Lighting and With ANY Webcam?

This Offer and Pricing can Change or Vanish Without Notice.

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Who should pay attention to XSplit VCam?

If you're a frequent webcam user for video calls, conferences, or any other purpose and you would like to set any background you like or blur existing ones without expensive technology, then this XSplit VCam review is for you.

This background software is for those who want to use different backgrounds - including images, video, or simply blur existing backgrounds - and do it with no special greenscreen technology or equipment.

If this is you, then you should look deeper at this XSplit VCam review from a real user.

Should you look deeper at XSplit VCam?
Since you're serious about having great backgrounds on your webcam broadcasts and video recordings without a fancy studio, this technology likely is just what you want so you should look deeper. The reason is, XSplit VCam is simple, yet enables you to use any image, YouTube Video, or blur any background in your Webcam and you won't take you more than a day to master. Plus, it works on many video call technologies like Skype, WeChat, YouTube, Zoom and many more.
What do you need to understand about XSplit VCam to decide?

XSplit VCam is not for highly skilled, long-time professional video creators wanting extravagant, studio greenscreen productions. It is designed for those recognizing the power of having the right background for video content, sales, teaching, and marketing in general, or web conferencing but don't have the time, space and/or desire to build an elaborate greenscreen/chromakey studio for the background effects.


XSplit VCam uses artificial intelligence to allow you to set web pages, videos, and images you want as your background in place for when you use your webcam. This is marketing leading technology now available to anyone wanting to use it, and it's simple.

Should I believe in XSplit VCam?

I'm a real user of the XSplit VCam software. I love it, which is why I'm sharing this personal review.


The good news is you can use it for free at no risk. So, you can find out for yourself if you believe in this app and if it works for you and do so with zero risk.

Should I get XSplit VCam now?

While I do my best to update the offer available, this offer is subject to change by the creators at any time - including raising the price. Since there's no risk, now is the best time to get in.

Nonetheless, I personally download free trials before purchasing. It's seems like a good idea to me. However, it's your choice. If you wish to guarantee current pricing, you might want to go ahead and purchase.

Should I buy via your link on this page?

You can save money by using my link because this link includes a special 10% discount. I am compensated for the sales coming from my links. Even if you refund, you won't lose the bonuses (if any listed below).


I'm not sponsored, in any way, by XSplit. My link is an affiliate link, so I do get paid. But I am a full user of this app. I only recommend it because I use it and love it.

The links are direct to the sales page or download page. I DO receive compensation for sales made through my links.

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XSplit VCam, Makes Cutting Edge Background Removal and Blurring Possible with Any Webcam...

XSplit VCam offers cutting edge background replacement without the need for complex setups, and tons of space - no matter where you are

Quality of Background Replacement

Ease of Use
Value to User

What XSplit Users Think...

"I find XSplit extremely user-friendly and simple to use. The setup wizard makes determining stream settings a breeze and I can easily incorporate stream add-ons like notifications, custom layouts etc. through the interface. I have used XSplit, OBS and SLOBS over the years, but for my everyday streaming purposes, I fire up XSplit."


Trisha Hershberger

TV Host and Creator

"We use XSplit to help power some of the biggest events and gaming tours. We need a robust software that understands our needs and scale things from a casual stream to the biggest gaming production. That's the power of XSplit and why events like Evo continue to evolve with this product."



Biz Developer

"I have used XSplit for many years now and this is because their service is unmatched. I have never had program issues and their simple user interface makes streaming effortless even for beginners. Their staff is on standby to help with any questions or assist with stream settings. These people work hard to ensure that you get the best performance out of their product."



XSplit User

"XSplit is an intuitive and quick tool for putting on a professional broadcast, every time. It's user-friendly and integrates with multiple platforms and apps. I adore its layout and accessibility, and am a fan for life!"



Voice Actor/Model

Here's a Quick Look at the Major Benefits You'll Get with XSplit VCam

that Transforms Video Conferencing from Boring Home or Office Scenes to Spectacular Events Viewers Love...

With the latest XSplit VCam AI improvements, there's no need to worry about distractions. With the latest auto-framing technology, you'll always be center frame! So, when you're delivering that important pitch, all eyes are on you, as they should be.

  • Easily Replace Your background with an Image or Webpage

    VCam supports JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs or even full web pages, giving you unlimited personalization options for background replacement.

  • Add Depth of Field or Blur Your Background Entirely!

    Hide your messy room, maintain privacy and improve the production value of your broadcast. No extra software or hardware needed.

  • Eliminate the Need for a Green Screen

    VCam offers cutting edge background replacement without the need for complex setups, and tons of space - no matter where you are.

  • Excellent for Content Creators of All Types

    Whether you stream on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook, create Podcasts, vlogs, talk shows, or just need a high-quality background removal effect for your project, XSplit VCam is for you. Works with streaming apps such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Streamlabs and of course XSplit!

I chose VCam because it worked with many webcam applications. I wanted an easy way to hide my home from viewers with something interesting. XSplit made it drop dead simple with VCam - and you get it at an exceptionally low price.

VCam provides high-quality, state-of-the-art background replacement that is especially great for those with little technical experience. If you find adding backgrounds to video conferencing, webinars, podcasts, or other broadcasts difficult - well, VCam changes all of that. I have to say it - It's awesome.

Watch the Full Demo of How to Add XSplit VCam to Your Webcam Video Calls....

XSplit VCam Pros and Cons


  • Extremely simple to use. There is little tech knowledge needed to make this work great.
  • Easy to learn and integrate with your webcam apps. Most of it is automatic.
  • Allows you to add any YouTube video, your own video, images of any kind, or website as your background. If you can copy and paste a link or upload a file, you will be successful with VCam.
  • The tutorials are good and clear, plus there's many videos by users online.
  • The software is frequently updated so you can feel certain it won't vanish from the market anytime soon.
  • Absolutely no need to have any video green screen/chromakey experience. The software will do it all for you.
  • Works seamlessly with XSplit Broadcaster.
  • The phone app really makes it possible to have a superior camera, particularly if your laptop cam isn't so great.


  • Doesn't handle much motion well causing the parts of the subject to disappear and reappear like a ghost part.
  • Doesn't handle more than one subject well. If you add a second person to your scene, the app may confuse them selecting one as the main, and ghosting the other.

Unique Features of XSplit VCam

  • Best background blurring solution on the market
  • Easily removes and replaces your background without a green screen
  • Makes it simple to add your favorite holiday spot or video as your background
  • No special lighting needed
  • Free Apple and Android app enables your smartphone cam as the video source
  • Full 24/7 support with lifetime updates
  • Works with all software or platforms that accept a video input
  • Easy to use Team Manager system for managing and distributing licenses to your team

Can XSplit VCam Really Insert Any Background Without a Green Screen Studio and Look Professional and Real?

I've been making online video, video lessons, video ads, holding video conferences, doing live webinars, etc., since 2009. Technology like XSplit VCam provides wasn't ever imagined, much less heard of then.

VCam has allowed me to ditch my green screen that took up so much space. I never had the correct lighting for it, so the lighting problem was solved as well. This software also eliminated all the editing and touch up I had to do when I used a green screen. I've never missed my green screen.

I've found that I really love the ability to add my own videos as backgrounds. I'm talking about my videos on YouTube. VCam allows you to add videos from your computer or phone as background scenes. Can you imagine what you can do with this?

The demo video above shows you how it works, but the short and simple answer is...

It's a 6-step process that works like this:

  • Find an image or video you want for a background
  • Open the VCam application
  • Click "Add New Background" and choose the type background your adding, then click
  • Upload your image choice, enter your website url, paste in the YouTube video link, or upload a video from your computer
  • Optionally, you can search "UnSplash" from inside the control panel for a background you like
  • Select your video/webcam or smartphone choice and your ready to go.
XSplit VCam Screenshot

The background removal is very effective. I love that I can easily change backgrounds and it works with so many different applications. Essentially, if my laptop camera can connect to it, then I can use XSplit VCam in the broadcast.

Examples of What You Can Create With XSplit VCam...

Your uses for VCam undoubtedly go far beyond what I can think of. I'm just a simple user. If your webcam is used, then you use VCam.

It's commonly used for online conference calls, podcasting, video content creation, instructional videos, and webinars. But that's just a touch of the possibilities.

You have nothing to lose by trying XSplit Vcam. It's a 14-day free trial. You don't need a credit card. Just click any button on this page and you'll be taken to the sales page where you can download the trial for free right now.

XSplit VCam Product Summary

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XSplit VCam

SplitmediaLabs, LTD

$47 (subject to change)

Perfect for Webcam Users of All Types

14-day Free Trial, 7-day Full Refund


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After you choose to access the free download or purchase with the links on this page, you will be redirected to the sales page where you can download your free trial and/or make a full purchase.

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