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All New 3D Digital Human Video Character Creator

Can HumanPal Really Convert Text to High Budget,

Animated, "Real" Digital Human Videos?

This Offer and Pricing can Change or Vanish Without Notice.

Is Human Pal for Me?

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Who should pay attention to Human Pal?

If you seek to use artificial intelligence to create exciting video with true and unique 3D Human animations for your business or for clients, this HumanPal Review is for you.


This video app is for those that don't have the time to learn professional video editing and/or the cash for the software that goes with it. If this is you, then it's a good choice to pay attention to this Human Pal review.

What improvements/upgrades have been made since initial launch?

Massive new updates for HumanPal 2.0 include - high-definition AI Humans, Perfect Lip-sync, more new templates, optimized rendering, and better-quality voices are among the biggest.  Features also added include the ability to re-order slides on the timeline and edit and delete slides on the timeline.

Should you look deeper at Human Pal?
Since you're serious about having the latest in artificial intelligence technology to create the most amazing video content possible, you should look deeper. The reason is, Human Pal is simple, yet creates amazing, fully human-like 3D animation and avatar videos and won't take you more than a day to master. Plus, you can make money selling videos as well since a commercial license is included.
What do you need to understand about Human Pal to decide?

Human Pal is not for highly skilled, long-time professional video editors that have already mastered these skills over years of practice. It is designed for those recognizing the power of video content for sales, teaching, and marketing in general, but don't have years of time and an endless budget for becoming the time-tested expert in editing.


Human Pal uses artificial intelligence to create 3D, human-like avatars and characters. This is marketing leading technology now available to anyone wanting to use it. This is what makes it so simple.

Should I believe in Human Pal?

I use Human Pal video app. Even the video below was made using this app. I love it.


The good news is, you can use it for 30-days at no risk. Ponna and Diwar have a solid reputation of not hassling the rare refund request from a customer. So, you can find out for yourself if you believe in this app with zero risk.

Should I get Human Pal now?
While I do my best to update the offer available, this offer is subject to change by the creators at any time - including raising the price. Since there's no risk, now is the best time to get in.
Should I buy via your link on this page?

You can't save money by not using my link because these are direct links, not affiliate links. I am not compensated for the sale or the review. Even if you refund, you won't lose the bonuses.


I'm not sponsored, in any way, by Ponna or Diwar. My link is not an affiliate link so I don't get paid. But I am a full user of this app. I only recommend it because I use it and love it.

The links are direct to the sales page. I do receive commissions for sales but no compensation for this review.

Human Pal Box and Computer Mock Up

Human Pal 3D, Human Video Character Maker Creates Captivating 3D Human Animations Never Before Possible...

For the first time ever, you can use artificial intelligence based technology to create amazing 3D, human characters in your videos within minutes. No special skills needed.

Quality of Videos

Ease of Use
Value to User

What Human Pal Users Think...

Humanpal contiunes to blow away the overpriced competitors in my book.  I love how Paul continues to support  & upgrade the product. 


Marty Herz

HumanPal User

I have used Paul And Sid's superior products for years and you can be reassured that they will always be there to support their products and their valued customers.


Gerry Irwin

HumanPal User

Paul and Syd, just when I thought that I have seen it all, you have raised the bar again!!! There is no stopping you guys!!!


Mitchell Khouri

HumanPal User

Thank you Paul and Syd for your dedication to creating superior software and listening to your customers and answering the call.


Carl Mayfield

HumanPal User

Here's a Quick Look at the Major Benefits You'll Get with Human Pal

that Transforms Video Characters to Humans with Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-Based Tech...

Human Pal Commercial License is the latest artificial intelligence-supported app created by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. Here are the main benefits of Human Pal that will enable you to create digital human characters for your videos with revolutionary, first-to-market capabilities AI technology. I know this will make your video-creating life amazing and easier:

  • Easily Create Market Leading Digital Human Characters for Video at a One-Time Cost
    A very affordable investment transforms you to an expert digital human creator without any need to learn special skills or buy high-priced software.
  • Amaze Clients, Customers, and Friends with Market Leading Technology
    Viewers of all types, especially potential customers will be captivated by videos you create with this first-to-market technology, and you don't need any special training. This capability will draw clients to you.
  • Saves Weeks of Time. Create Videos In Minutes
    These unique AI generated, 3D human animations would take you weeks of time to create with expensive outsourcing. Now, you can make your video in minutes with a simple, cloud-based app process.
  • Start Selling to Customers with no Extra Upgrades
    A commercial license is included. Videos you create with Human Pal can be sold to clients with no upgrades. Your commercial license is included with your front-end purchase.

I find Human Pal to be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create highly unique videos with true human-like characters or spokespersons. It's also a great upgrade for those with any video editors that want the latest capabilities that will truly impress clients and customers - and get it at an exceptionally low price.

Human Pal delivers excellent quality, state-of-the art human characters are perfect for a wide variety of video content needs - and without needing professional spokespersons or actors... See the full demo below...

Watch the Full Demo of Human Pal Below to Witness How Your Transformation to a 3D Human Animator Begins....

Human Pal Pros and Cons


  • There simply is NO OTHER app available to create high-tech, 3D human characters for video. This is amazing and only available in HumanPal.
  • Simple to learn and all done in an online, drag and drop editor.
  • Eliminates any fears of video editing you may have from other, more complicated and expensive editors.
  • All content created can be sold to clients or used in your own business. No fears of copyrights or royalty claims.
  • Artificial Intelligence used to create near picture perfect human-like faces.
  • Absolutely no need to have any video editing experience
  • Fully cloud and browser based, so nothing to clog up your computers hard-drive space
  • Human-like text-to-voice transcriber is built in
  • No limits on the number of videos you can render


  • Nothing significant identified yet. This is a complete package with no upsells
  • The maximum video length is 1 minute. However, you can make unlimited numbers of 1-minute videos.
  • There is a 4 video/day limit for your 1st 10-days to prevent abuse of the rendering machine. After that, there's no restrictions.

Unique Features of Human Pal

  • Ultra-realistic human characters
  • Near perfect, crystal-clear lip movements
  • Transform images to Human Characters
  • AI Human Face Generator
  • Ready-made Video Templates
  • Drag-and-Drop Video Editor
  • 100's of Realistic Text-to-Speech Voices
  • Speech-to-Text Transcription Built-in
  • Millions of Video & Image Assets Included
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • Built-in Text Effects and Animations
  • 1080p HD Video Renders
  • Unlimited Videos - Forever
  • Commercial License Included
Human Pal Unique Features

Can Human Pal Really Create Jaw-Dropping, Advanced Technology Human Characters?

I've been making online video, video lessons, video ads, etc, since 2009. Technology like HumanPal provides wasn't ever imagined, much less heard of then.

Human Pal allows you to create 3D, human characters in any language you want - something not found in any video creator the average business owner or marketer can use or afford. Plus, you can use any image and transform it to a human spokesperson in a couple of clicks.

This video editor app allows you to make videos like large corporations or video studios - but not cost you tens of thousands of dollars to produce. You'll be able to make amazing human quality, 3D animated videos and sync the lip movements with text from hundreds of languages. Your video production will go from standard, seen everywhere style to levels you thought only Marvel could create. You'll love the power of this human animation video editing app.

The demo video above shows you how it works, but the short and simple answer is...

It's an 8-step process that works:

  • Choose video type from templates or from scratch
  • Choose the template within the video type
  • Choose your avatar or let the human generator or photo human generator create for you
  • Add your script, or import audio for speech-to-text, or record in app, even translate if you need to. Also add your background music if desired
  • Text slides are created and you can edit if you like
  • Select your video settings such as subtitles and colors
  • Edit your video scenes and edit more if you like including rearranging scenes. Syncing is done automatically and customize your human pal.
  • Render your video

The AI is real, artificial intelligence, so the AI actually "creates" your completely unique human faces. The face can start from templates, photos, or let the AI create completely. Ultimately, all HumanPals are totally unique.

Examples of What You Can Create With Human Pal...

The claim that no other video editor does what HumanPal can is very true. You'd have to pay thousands if not tens of thousands to get video animation like this. There have been many apps and video editors that transform images to cartoon-like characters, but none that transform your image to a live, lip-synced human spokesperson.

The artificial intelligence built in is for creating completely unique human faces literally out of thin air. It ensures you never have copyrights claims or royalty challenges from spokespersons you create. They aren't perfect, but I'm certain no one will know the difference without a second or third glance.

Swipe Through the Many Template Choices Below ...

Boxed Static
Boxed Fade In
Boxed Reveal
Virtual Studio Set
Computer and Phone Mockup
Billboard Mockup
Video in Video Mockup
Underlined Box Static
Underlined Fade In
Underlined Box Reveal
Kinetic Typography
Kinetic Drop Text Reveal
Kinetic Random Text Reveal
Kinetic Bounce In
Kinetic Scale-up By Word
Kinetic Bullet-train Reveal
Plain Single Cursor
Plain Single Cursor with Drop Shadow
Plain Single Cursor with Glow
Fixed Top Angles
Fixed Front Angles
Greenscreen Wide

The bottom line is, the Human Pal app does create excellent quality, 3D human characters - better than anything I've seen - and the synthetic voices are very good. Therefore, I highly recommend this app to anyone doing video marketing or just getting started in video marketing or online video production.

If you're not a professional video editor, and/or you don't want the massive expense in time and money to acquire the video software of the pros, then you have to make the choice...

There's no better way to describe what it does for you than to say Human Pal transforms your video skills from standard, seen everywhere style to levels you thought only Marvel could create.

Human Pal Product Summary

Product Name:


FE Price:


Refund Policy:

Sales Page:

Launch Date:

Human Pal

Paul Ponna, Sid Diwar

$199 - One Time Payment

Great for Marketers & Business Owners

30-Days, No Questions/Restrictions

May 26, 2022

Here are the Current, Semi-Exclusive Bonuses from the Creator

Note: The Bonus is Subject to Changes After Launch

Template Request Club ($997/yr Value)
Template Request Club
Video Mockup Creator ($997 Value)
Video Mockup Creator
Video Resizer App ($997 Value)
Video Resizer App
VidEditor App ($997 Value)
VidEditor App
HumanPal 10 DAYS Virtual EventPass ($1497 Value)
HumanPal Virtual Pass
Meta Marketplace Builder With Web Hosting ($1297 Value)
Meta Marketplace Builder
NicheDashboard App With 200+ DFY Marketing Materials ($997 Value)
Niche Dashboard App
Drag & Drop Website Builder ($997 Value)
Drag & Drop Website Builder
Done-For-You Call-To-Action Human Voiceovers & Video Sales Scripts ($197 Value)
DFY Voiceovers
Personal VIP WhatsApp Group Mentorship ($497 Value)
WhatsApp Group Mentorship

Are the Human Pal Bonuses Truly Valuable?

Your decision to invest in Human Pal should not be based on the bonuses above or the exclusive bonuses I offer below. This technology is not available anywhere else.

In fact, for the intermediate level or above marketer, the above semi-exclusive bonuses offered with the app will have varying personal value, so you'll need to decide on your own.

This bonus offer should not affect your decision to buy if you're not an expert video creator like me.

Human Pal is a powerful, artificial intelligence-supported 3D human character creating video editor you should have to boost your sales from video marketing. Quality video is one big key to getting maximum sales - because consumers want video.

This app does not write video scripts for you, so don't go in expecting that. If you write a bad script to the most eye-popping, attention-grabbing video ever, you still won't get sales - even one with amazing 3D human characters.

The main reason to choose Human Pal is because you know the importance of attention-grabbing videos for boosting sales. HumanPal gives you a new level attention-grabbing capability. That's why your bonus package below from me is designed to hand you the skills you need to ensure your scripts you create are really good... and so you can finesse it yourself and make it even better - and get the sales you've earned.

What Exclusive Bonuses Will You Provide, Wayne?

Among the many skills I developed as a marketer, the most valuable is copywriting. It's literally required from every type of marketing, including video marketing.

Your sales and ad copy is what ultimately determines how much money you will make. Great designs and quality videos help boost value, but the words make the sales.

That's why I chose to become a certified copywriter by studying under the best at AWAI and other places.

This helps you because I'm going to include for you a package I created to instantly improve the most important aspects of your video, the video scripts... scripts creation that keep customers with you and buying from you.

Check below now to see how your exclusive bonus from me will improve your headlines, email subject lines, bullets, ad copy, web copy, video scripts and more. Look below now and see...

Or even better, make your personal choice now to get Human Pal with all the bonuses listed by clicking the button below before prices go up or become monthly fees...

Fully Exclusive Launch Bonuses from Wayne Sharer

Note: The Bonus is Subject to Changes After Launch

Complete Internet Marketing Made Easy for 2020 and Beyond

This special 159-page exclusive training guide enables you to:

  • Drive laser targeted traffic to your offers
  • Reach your exact perfect audience anywhere in the world
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  • Enhance brand engagements with less effort
  • And much, much more...
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  • Discover the copywriters' secret 3 power structures for successful copywriting
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  • 10 writing secrets to quickly improve your web copy
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  • The Copywriters "Double-Check" Checklist.
    Keep this list close as you write. It's the copywriters' tool for ensuring your final copy generates the biggest results
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How to Write Compelling Headlines

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Your Content Marketing Guide

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Surefire Wealth Silver Membership - $147/yr Value

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  • Secure Instant Access To Software, Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Content, e-Books, Templates & Niche Marketing Material.
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Effortlessly growing your brand & authority

  • Create: Build unlimited platform specific videos that attract attention & gets you more customers.
  • Publish: Schedule and syndicate your stunning videos to all platforms from ONE unified app.
  • You can also 10X your results from Reddit, Medium, LinkedIn & more …
Surefire Wealth Bonus Image

Wayne Sharer is a long-time expert in Digital Marketing and SEO. He runs an agency with his business partner since 2007 and specializes in SEO, Reputation Marketing, Video Marketing (including ranking in Google and YouTube) as well as being a certified AWAI Web and SEO copywriter.

Your Exclusive Bonus Package: Wayne will provide the bonuses above in addition to the bonuses provided by the product creators. Their value is far beyond a price tag because that will transform your videos from just another video to a sales generating presentation.

P.S: There will be NO long list of useless crap software or plugins I don't support. You'll get the skills to rank and make sales along with other special bonuses as you proceed.

Full Disclosure: I am a long-time professional copywriter. I only recommend this app because it works and will vastly improve your ability to create videos at low cost. Nonetheless, the links on this page are affiliate links. This means, when you click a link and ultimately choose to buy, I will receive compensation from your purchase. Further, I would never offer this review without having full faith and trust in products by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar.

Eligibility for Special Bonus: The bonus is available during and after the official launch. It's subject to change at anytime without notice. All bonuses on this page are in addition to the ones offered on the sales page when you purchase.

Ensure you use my links on this page to purchase and qualify for the exclusive bonuses listed above. You can only claim these bonuses by using specially coded links. Failure to do so and you will not be eligible for my special bonus offer.

Affiliate Information

After you choose to purchase with the links on this page, Pay Kick Start will send an email with directions the vendor provides and to claim the bonuses. logo

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Use Coupon ”HUMAN” For $77 OFF!

Use Coupon ”HUMAN” For $77 OFF!