DotcomPal Review and Bonuses by Wayne Sharer

Can a Single App Transform Your Online Business from Expensive Confusion to Affordable, Simplified Growth?

Can DotcomPal Redefine How Entrepreneurs Start, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business Online

If you're just beginning online, you may not understand how much it costs to have the automation tools necessary to be successful. Don't let anyone tell you it's free. That is a lie and too many have had to learn the hard way.

All experienced marketers accept that, yes, even affiliate marketing costs money. You have to spend money to make money.

Experienced marketers also know that attempts have been made to create all-in-one platforms, and nearly all failed. If they didn't fail, they became too expensive for the new guy, and even most "old guys."

The obvious question is, "Why should DotcomPal be any different?"

As a DotcomPal client and user, I can tell you I was very skeptical. I purchased the Kaptiwa Pro plan in 2019 offering a video player and hosting platform, which I was in need of. I seriously believed it would fail like most of the the others I've tried over the years.

To my surprise and joy, Kaptiwa did not fail, and continued to improve. So, a year and a half later in 2020, I added MaxDrive, MaxFunnels, and MarketingPal Pro to my DotcomPal Mix (each is part of DotcomPal).

Now, in 2021, the platform keeps getting better, and it's why I'm just now offering this review... because I believe DotcomPal is the all-in-one platform that entrepreneurs can use to redefine how to start, manage, and grow a profitable business online.

Here are 3 key reasons you should get DotcomPal now:

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  • SAVE TIME & EFFORT. Everything you need, all in one place.
    DotcomPal’s all-in-one integrated platform helps you start, manage, and grow your entire online business from one place. Save your time, money and energy and do more business online.
  • BRING MORE GROWTH...At Every Stage Of Customer Lifecycle
    DotcomPal brings you fortune 500 companies’ growth strategy and technology in easy way to get more conversions, more sales, and more growth.
  • START - QUICK & EASY. Easy Platform with Top-Notch Support
    DotcomPal is made for business owners like yourself and very easy to use. Also, our 24*7 support & FREE training will help you get started quick & easy.

What Can DotcomPal Do for Me?

Even though I started with DotcomPal for it's video player and video hosting...

DotcomPal is much, much more than this.

It’s also more than just a funnel builder, or landing pages and website builder.

DotcomPal successfully combines websites, landing pages, fast videos, simple funnels, email follow-ups and web engagement tools in one solution... to get online fast and improve conversions, boost sales & bring growth.

It's the best offering in since I've been online (I began in 2002 drop shipping, and 2007 affiliate marketing). If I were starting today, knowing the costs of creating a successful online business, I would quickly go full in on DotcomPal.

If I were looking to consolidate my online business tools and effectively lower costs, DotcomPal would by my choice over any of the current offerings (I won't mention them by name, but I do know what's available and have tried most).

Here's a summary of what you can do for your business with this amazing automation suite...

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  • BUILD Website & Membership Sites
    Build your online presence by creating your marketing website with domain and free hosting
  • SELL Products & Accept Payments
    Sell products, services, and courses online. Deliver in beautiful membership sites.
  • GROW All-In-One Integrated Marketing Solution
    Attract, engage, and convert customers and grow your business online. Including Funnel builder, video player and hosting, email marketing, A/B split testing, analytics, and popup bars with notifications.
  • MANAGE Audience, Team, Integrations & More
    Manage everything – Leads, customers, businesses, team, integrations & more

My Exclusive Bonuses

When you choose to create your FREE DotcomPal account today, I have 4 hand picked bonuses for you...

Bonus 1 - $67 Value
Bonus Box 1

Smart Traffic Choices

20 Step-By-Step traffic generating training so you never exhaust new lead sources.

Bonus 2 - $97 Value
Bonus Box 2

Info Product Ignition

Stop losing money on sales - learn the secrets to creating info products - keep 100% of the profit

Bonus 3 - $47 value
Bonus Box 3

Web Copy Essentials for Non-copywriters

53 Insider Web Copywriting Tips to Gain a Sales Edge by Tomorrow

Bonus 4 - $147/yr Value
Bonus Box 4

Surefire Wealth Silver Membership

Instantly Have Your Own Products to Sell and Keep 100% of the Profit

What's the Right Thing to Do with DotcomPal?

How do you know if DotcomPal is the right automation suite for your business?

While I'm confident that you'll definitely find DotcomPal the best and most affordable all-in-one marketing suite — it's you that must have the confidence.

Fortunately, you can find out for yourself with ZERO RISK and no cost.

When you choose to claim your FREE account in DotcomPal, you get the following capability:

  • Build upto 3 business websites for free.
  • Create landing pages, memberships, and funnels hassle-free.
  • Create & sell unlimited products. Zero fee ever.
  • 100% optional upgrade to get full access to 20+ powerful DotcomPal Apps & more usages.
  • The opportunitnity to discover why DotcomPal is trusted by more than 16,500 entrepreneurs in 100+ countries.
  • All the exclusive bonuses above just for trying today.

You're highly encouraged to claim your free DotcomPal account now and find out for yourself exactly how powerful this all-in-one marketing suite is for you...

Seriously, you have nothing to loose and potentially, everything to gain. Yes, that sounds like overused hype, but it's completely true.

Click the button below to claim your access and email me your account name and email, and I'll send you the bonuses. Just use the "help" link in the footer of this page.

Wayne Sharer is a long-time expert in Digital Marketing and SEO. He runs an agency with his business partner since 2007 and specializes in SEO, Reputation Marketing, Video Marketing (including ranking in Google and YouTube) as well as being a certified AWAI Web and SEO copywriter.

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