The Complete Automated List Profits Review and Bonuses

Is it Possible These Private Label Rights eBooks Save You

$340,000 and 1,190 Work Days - All While Making Potential Clients Beg for More?

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Automated List Profits Delivers Expertly Created Lead Magnets, Emails, Squeeze Pages and More... Every Month

NOW with a Click of a Button You Can... Save 3.2 Years of Creative Time with Done-for-You Lead Magnets and Opt-in Funnels Arriving Monthly - and not have to pay recurring fees with this expert private label product.

What Automated List Profits Users Think of this Private Label Rights eBooks Library...

I am just gob-smacked with my new Platinum Lifetime Membership here at Automated List Profits!... All the packages are set-up in such a way, that it is just so easy to launch your next Marketing Campaign! Well done Automated List Profits you have created a real goldmine for us all...right here!

Donald Foster


Literally 'Point & Click Simple! I'd been looking to build a higher ticket 'done for you' package for a while... You guys have just saved me months of work with this license!

Richard Legg

Author of

Here's a Snapshot of the Major Benefits You'll Get with Automated List Profits

that Transforms You & Your Business to the Ultimate Solution Provider for Your Web Viewers...

From my years of experience as a professional copywriter and years of use (since 2011) of Automated List Profits, I'll share this up-front. When you decide to get your lifetime access, you'll be making a superb choice.

Isn't it time you have lead magnets, squeeze pages and promotional emails that transform you and your business into the ultimate solution your web viewers can't leave your page without?

Before going further about how this transformation occurs, take a look at these top benefits you gain by starting your transformation today...

  • Save $340,000 on Professional Copywriting Fees
    Your access includes the 170+ existing private label rights eBooks, reports, and guides. Despite what others tell you, true professional copywriters charge from $2,000 to $7,000 per report.
  • Have More Time to Spend on Building Your Business Instead of on Frustrations with Writing
    Professionals take a week or more to research and write quality reports. You instantly save 3.2 years of research and writng with your access today.
  • No Making Web Pages, Images or Emails
    Every lead magnet includes a professionally-made opt-in page; high-quality, editable images, and ready-to-send promotional emails.

Even as a copywriter, I really love how this lead magnet library provides me with instant solutions - particularly for affiliate offers, but certainly not limited to them. Most white label lead magnets, reports and white papers can't match the quality found in Automated List Profits.

ALP delivers excellent quality and a simple solution for a wide variety of niche markets - and without having to spend thousands on professionals or weeks creating the offer. See the full demo below...

Watch the Full Demo of Automated List Profits Below to Experience How Your Transformation to a Pro-Level Solution Provider Begins....

Click the play button to begin...

Automated List Profits Pros and Cons


  • The library of reports is large, and grows every month with 2 new reports.
  • Very minimal input required from the user to make a report package ready to upload.
  • Many niches are included: online sales, health, video marketing, crypto currency, retirement, gardening, affiliate marketing and many more
  • All content created is 100% original, and professionally written
  • This will save you thousands on copywriting, web page creation, and email writing
  • You'll save weeks of time not having to do all this research, writing and production yourself
  • Automated List Profits has been around since 2010 and consistently gets more awesome with every publication. It won't vaporize from the web overnight.
  • You'll receive the best tool ever to transform you and your business into the ultimate solution your web viewers can't leave your page without


  • The existing library is large so yes, you will never need all the reports. (**good news - just 1 report package is worth the cost)
  • You'll likely want to make changes and/or additions to reports (it's to be expected, and having the pre-written copy makes this easy)
  • Depending on the edits you make to the report, you'll likely need to do some editing of the web pages and emails.

Are the Automated List Profits Reports, Pages, and Emails Really That Good?

As a professional copywriter myself, I'm the first to challenge the quality of any private labels rights eBooks copywriting products.

Prior to mastering my copywriting, I had memberships in several PLR sites.

While they did help provide me with ideas, the copy in them was typically very amateur to very terrible. The lack of quality sales copy is ultimately what drove me to doing a lengthy training with pro copywriters.

Finally, nearly all PLR eBooks and product resources lacked quality squeeze pages, had no email copy or often no editable images. So, all-and-all, it was very frustrating.

Here's what Automated List Products will do for you:

  • Provides ready-to-publish guides and reports your viewers will love
  • Opt-in/Squeeze pages are ready to upload to your website as it
  • Your reports are quickly and easily customized with fully editable graphics.
  • Emails are ready-to-go. Only add your links and signature, then send.

Along with being the best private label rights eBooks, reports and guides I've found ever... When you choose the Lifetime deal today, you never have to pay again. I've been using ALP since 2011 and haven't paid a dime since then.

Seriously, Can I Really Send the Reports As Is?

I've found that you can use much of the Automated List Profits copy as is. But I personally would never do that.

While I do highly recommend Automated List Profits as a superb private labels right resource, I also recommend you thoroughly review and customize the the content prior to publishing it. My exclusive bonus package below will help you do this very effectively.

The bottom line is, your marketing will greatly benefit from you taking a little time and customizing even the best white label reports and guides.

I personally always change the cover and title. I often use the squeeze page provided but I do change headlines and bullet text. But I'm a professional copywriter, so I'm always inclined to do that.

Ultimately, very little effort is needed to make these high-quality, private label rights reports and guides ready to publish. The Lifetime deal is worth every penny.

Automated List Profits Product Summary

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Automated List Profits

Promote Labs, Inc.

$197 Lifetime

Highly Recommended

30-Days, No Questions/Restrictions


What Automated List Profits Upsells or OTOs Should I Expect?

ALP has no upsells or OTOS. However, there are three different purchase ofptions for those not wanting the lifetime deal.

When You Decide Automated List Profits is Right for you...

You can choose from one of the purchase Options Below

Monthly Access


  • 2 PLR Reports Every Month Like Clockwork
  • Professional Squeeze Page
  • 7 Professionally Written Follow Up Emails
  • Fully Editable Report Cover Graphic

Lifetime Access


  • 2 PLR Reports Every Month Like Clockwork
  • Professional Squeeze Page
  • 7 Professionally Written Follow Up Emails
  • Fully Editable Report Cover Graphic

Annual Access


  • 2 PLR Reports Every Month Like Clockwork
  • Professional Squeeze Page
  • 7 Professionally Written Follow Up Emails
  • Fully Editable Report Cover Graphic

What Exclusive Bonuses Will You Provide, Wayne?

Among the many skills I developed as a marketer, the most valuable is copywriting.

Your sales and ad copy is what ultimately determines how much money you will make. Great designs help boost value, but the words make the sales.

That's why I chose to become a certified copywriter by studying under the best at AWAI and other places.

This helps you because I'm going to include for you a package I created to instantly improve the most important aspects of your private label rights lead magnet library... those aspects that keep customers with you and buying from you.

Check below now to see how your exclusive bonus from me will improve your headlines, email subject lines, bullets, ad copy, web copy and more. Look below now and see...

Or even better, make your personal choice now to get Automated List Profits with all the bonuses listed by clicking the button below before prices go up or lifetime access is discontinued...

Fully Exclusive Bonuses from Wayne Sharer

Note: The Bonus Package is Subject to Changes

Complete Internet Marketing Made Easy for 2020 and Beyond

This special 159-page exclusive training guide enables you to:

  • Drive laser targeted traffic to your offers
  • Reach your exact perfect audience anywhere in the world
  • Gain more exposure for your offers at less cost
  • Rapidly rank new videos with 1st page results on YouTube
  • Enhance brand engagements with less effort
  • And much, much more...
Internet Marketing Guide Cover

Web Copywriting Essentials for Non-Copywriters - $47 Value

53 Insider Web Copywriting Tips to Gain a Sales Edge by Tomorrow

  • Discover the copywriters' secret 3 power structures for successful copywriting
    and how to use them to immediately boost sales with existing copy
  • 10 writing secrets to quickly improve your web copy
    Use these tips to engage your visitors, keep them wanting to know more and increase the chance they become your lead or sale
  • The Copywriters "Double-Check" Checklist.
    Keep this list close as you write. It's the copywriters' tool for ensuring your final copy generates the biggest results
Web Copywriting Essentials Cover Image

How to Write Compelling Headlines

Learn Exactly How to Write Killer Headlines that will Captivate Your Audience, Instantly

  • Discover the Top-secret Tactics Six-figure Copywriters Use to Create those High Converting Headlines
  • Uncover the Easiest Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Craft Unique, Powerful Headlines Every Time
  • Learn How Professionals Come Up With those Converting Extraordinary Headlines Time and Time Again
  • Find Out the Secrets to Writing Headlines that Convert Like Crazy, No Matter What Your Offer Is, Today
Compelling Headlines Cover Image

Your Content Marketing Guide

Make More Money with Less Effort Using These Killer Content Marketing Tips

  • Uncover What a Content Pillar Is, and How to Use them to Create the Perfect Mix of Content for Your Business
  • Find Out the Three Key Types of Content, and What Each One Really Means to Your Overall Success
  • Discover How Using Other Forms of Media in Your Content Marketing Plan Can Drastically Boost Your Results
  • Learn the Secrets to Making More Money with Less Effort using These Insider Content Marketing Tips
Content Marketing Guide Cover

Surefire Wealth Silver Membership - $147/yr Value

Instantly Have Your Own Products to Sell and Keep 100% of the Profit

  • Secure Instant Access To Software, Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Content, e-Books, Templates & Niche Marketing Material.
  • We Have Hundreds of Superb Resources to Launch, Reinvent & Grow Your Online Biz Dramatically Start Today!
  • Right now your looking at the #1 source of supply for the majority of hot selling digital information products on the web.
  • We have ALL the RESELL rights you'll ever need to skyrocket your online profits and put your cash flow on steroids.
Surefire Wealth Bonus Image

Social Video Connector - $444/yr Value

Effortlessly growing your brand & authority

  • Create: Build unlimited platform specific videos that attract attention & gets you more customers.
  • Publish: Schedule and syndicate your stunning videos to all platforms from ONE unified app.
  • You can also 10X your results from Reddit, Medium, LinkedIn & more …
Surefire Wealth Bonus Image

Wayne Sharer is a long-time expert in Digital Marketing and SEO. He runs an agency with his business partner since 2007 and specializes in SEO, Reputation Marketing, Video Marketing (including ranking in Google and YouTube) as well as being a certified AWAI Web and SEO copywriter.

Your Launch Only Bonus: Sorry, this is not a product launch, and has no special launch bonuses.

P.S: There will be NO long list of useless crap software or plugins I don't support. You'll get the skills to rank and make sales along with other special bonuses as you proceed.

Full Disclosure: I am a long-time professional copywriter. I only recommend this private label rights collection because it will vastly improve your time for business development and save you thousands of dollars on professional copywriter expenses if you are not a professional like me. Nonetheless, I'm a Promote Labs, Inc. authorized reseller of Automated List Profits. The links on this page are payment links directly to me. This means, when you click a link and ultimately choose to buy, I will receive direct payment from your purchase. This in no way affects the price of your purchase. Further, I would never offer this review without having full faith and trust in products by Promote Labs Inc.

After you choose to purchase, claim your bonus by using the link on the access page. Select the link to the bonus, and you'll will be taken to a bonus download page claim will be there. logo

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